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SEMITRON® ESD 410C (static dissipative PolyEtherImide / Ultem ®)

Material Information

Semitron® ESD 410C PEI is a static dissipative PolyEtherImide (Ultem®) that has the same general properties of unfilled Ultem® but with additional static dissipative properties. It has a surface resistivity of 10^4 – 10^6 Because of its dissipative properties, Semitron® ESD is ideal for use in applications that give off electrical discharge. Semitron® ESD’s dissipative properties do not rely on humidity to activate, nor are surface treatments necessary. The Semitron® ESD 410C PEI grade in particular may be used in temperatures up to 410º F without degradation and offers low stress for tighter tolerances during machining, a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, and low water absorption. It is available in a black color in the forms of sheet and rod.


  • Electronic components
  • IC test sockets
  • Nests
  • Handlers
  • Integrated circuits
  • Hard disk drives
  • Circuit boards
  • Electronic printing and reproducing equipment


  • Inherently dissipative
  • Surface resistivity of 10^4 – 10^6
  • No degradation up to 410º F
  • High dimensional stability
  • Offers low stress for tighter tolerances


PhysicalAstm Test MethodSemitron® 225Semitron® 410CSemitron® 500HR
Density (lb/in^3)D7920.0480.0510.083
Specific GravityD7921.331.412.3
Water Absorption @ 24 hours (%)D57020.30.03
Tensile Strength (PSI)D6386,10090001100
Tensile Modulus (PSI)D638225,000850000300000
Tensile Elongation at Yield (%)D63810210
Flexural Strength (PSI)D7906,000120002200
Flexural Modulus (PSI)D790190,000850000500000
Compressive Strength (PSI)D695195004000
Compressive Modulus (PSI)D695600000250000
Izod Impact (Notched), ft-lb/inD2561.50.81
D785M74 / R109M115 / R125R50
Coefficient of Thermal
Expansion, 10^-5/°F
Heat Deflection Temperature 264 psi, ºFD648225410270
Melting Temperature, °FD3418621
Continous Service Temp (Operating), °F180338500
Flammability RatingUL94HBV-0V-0
Dielectric Strength, Short Term,
(Volts/Mil) @ .125″ Thick
Surface Resistivity (ohms/square)EOS/ESD S11.1110^9-10^1010^4 – 10^610^10 – 10^12
Dielectric Constant at 1 KHzD1504.32.9
Dissipation Factor at 1 KHzD150

Disclosure: The information contained herein are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only. They should NOT be used as a basis for design specifications or quality control. Contact us for manufacturers’ complete material property datasheets. All values at 73°F (23°C) unless otherwise noted.


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